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A Sports Massage Therapist specialises in manipulating and stretching muscle and connective tissues for the purpose of enhancing functions of the body such as movement and performance. Both for the athlete, and for the likes of you and I, it will enable us to get the most of our bodies at whatever level we are using them.

All of us I'm sure have felt at some time or another, soreness, strain, bruising, tightness, pain or weakness in a muscle. This is a sign that a muscle is congested. When a muscle is congested it is not functioning at its full potential and it will hold you back in carrying out a specific task be it athletic performance or a day to day activity. Our Sport Massage Therapists can help to decongest and improve the condition of the muscle/s which will alleviate the symptom.

Sports massage technique: Pre-event massage

Warms up the muscles - gets circulation going allowing longer workout reducing risk of injury, increased flexibility and greater range of motion.

Sports massage technique: Post-event massage

Relieves muscle cramps and spasm, jump starting the process of removing lactic acid build up in muscles that occurs with exercise.

Sports massage technique: Maintenance massage

Designed to help the athlete reach peak performance through a routine program of massage. These benefits are valuable not only for athletes, but for anyone who works out on a regular basis.

Sports massage technique: Rehabilitation massage

Increases flexibility and range of motion, reducing muscle scar tissue formation, muscle soreness, stiffness, cramps and pain.